Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fodder art challenge....

on facebook, i have a fan page called lisa bebi art.  it is from my studio.
the studio has placed a challenge call out for anyone to make ATCs from fodder from lisa bebi studio  (LBS).  the ATC or ATCs must be submitted by either  jpeg or snail mail by the deadline date. The ATCs will be judged and a winner selected.
 the prize is a lovely lisa bebi original painting. (see previous posts for the prize).  The winner will be posted on the lisa bebi fanpage site.


so i have been getting some great art in the mail.  this one was so special because it is not only a clever and great minature work of art,  but also it gave me goosebumps as well as slayed me through the heart because..... there was a note floating inside that read "i love you".   i am a true sucker for those three words.

so this piece is a beautiful pendant created out of old watercolor papers by colleague Jill K. Berry.  jill's is mostly famous for her fabulous calligraphy art.  if you don't know her work, you might try goggling her.  but also stay tuned because she is about to release another great book.

fodder challenge details, to do list:
1.  get studio fodder from lisa bebi studio (LBS) by requesting it no later than apri 15 (sorry too late) but you can still do it by going to the lisa bebi art facebook fanpage and looking up the word fodder in the photo section. it has details of the challenge and also a couple of fodder collage sheets for you to download and use. 
2.  submit it (make sure your name is on it) by either jpeg to lisabebiart@aol.com or snail mail to lisa bebi studio 8030 la mesa blvd. suite 259, la mesa, CA  91942, not later than MAY 15 PST midnight.
3. check the LBS fanpage two days later (may 17 PST midnight) for the winner announcement.

good luck.

any questions?

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Jill Berry said...

Glad you like it!
FYI it is Jill K. Berry, just so ya know. :) The book is coming along nicely....
Beautiful, beautiful work you do.

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