Friday, April 16, 2010

at the Currant last night

Last night at the Currant restaurant downtown, the artist reception.  
Laura Riker is with me.  She is my lovely new apprentice and assistant.  Above is my newly installed piece called "Ringling Field Trip" - which is a relative of "ringling road trip" that sold last month.

“Ringling Field Trip”-- 60” x 48” acrylic and paper on canvas, $2,800.
This is a painting taken for a small snapshot of my mom and her two brothers enjoying the sights in San Diego while riding around in a convertible in 1950.   They are all gone now - but not really.  They carry on riding that convertible in the sky enjoying the sights still.  The painting had a comedic feel so i felt compelled to make them a circus family having an outing. 

I love to create from small family snapshots and transform them into a large sized story.  Usually the images within the paintings are at odds with one another or at a strange or unexpected juxtapose.  This is my humor.

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Studio Sylvia said...

What a wonderful way to keep your family present. Love the colours in your painting.

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