Thursday, March 18, 2010

something for arnold grummer

i have a small affiliation with the arnold grummer paper company - you know from CHA the handmade paper devices they sell - they also sell a lovely array of things to put in your paper making like flower pods, dried leaves, fibers, etc.  more recently they created a chipboard book with removeable papers - those books are what i demo-ed at CHA this year.
now there is going to be a book out, an autobiography,  about arnold's life, so i have the honor of creating a few art pieces to go in the book.  so here he is on his wedding day.  i used his own handmade paper made from old newspaper, collage bits, dotted swiss fabric piece, textured paper he created underneath - a tiny bit of paintover on the photo.


Earthula said...

It is great, Lisa!

Layers. and the meaning are so interpretive.


Flo said...

Hey!!! ..How are you?
Wonderfull work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you...
^ ^

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