Thursday, March 11, 2010

gARTage sale items lining up....

line up so far
brushes, mediums, glue, inks

just the beginning of some things to go and yet my studio still looks like this.i expect to get all of this out in the sale.  lots of work.  plus books and magazines and vintage papers yet to go through.


Marie-Aimée said...

wow !!!

Diane said...

Ooooh, I wish I could go!!

*jean* said...

oo i'm so glad i'm not the only one...i need to work on this all the time or i just end up having a trail through my did we get so much crap? i like your xmas elf atc...he's very peppy

lisa bebi said...

i have just accumulated for years - i used to teach classes where i would bring supplies -a lot.
then i have represented golden paints for workshop and they sent me lots. now i represent grumbacher paints and i have been getting paints again. still all that doesn't account for such a mass, i agree. hmmmm, let's see, i used to have 2 studio spaces plus the one at home. that was bad because if i needed something that was elsewhere i often would buy another one.
ok, i admit it. i was a tremendous spender in the art supply department and to make a long story short- i am one who finds it very difficult to pass up something i see and i like. i know no one else is like that, right? maybe not to my degree. i kinda got on the dean's list for that.
my prayer is this: god plese don't let me fill the new empty space up again. (slapping own hands)

vesna said...

to bad I can't come..

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