Friday, March 19, 2010

florals and landscapes

i will be teaching as a Grumbacher affiliate- fine art workshops in area (san diego) Michaels for the month of April.  This is my launch with Grumacher paints.   For my workshop you will learn to paint a fine art landscape or floral (i alternate between 4 compositons, 2 florals and 2 landscapes). y ou will also get a kit which includes 2 paint brushes : a flat and one round, 1 palette knife and 5 or 6 large tubes of grumbacher acrylic paint plus a canvas board 9" x 12" as well as my instruction on painting.  it is well worth the money (approx. $45 for kit and class).  so if you live in the san diego area, please check out these workshops.  most of them are held during the day - some at night (midway- sports arena area).  if i get enough interest, i will schedule more in different parts of the san diego area and at different times.  youwill be able to book me for your private workshop or out of town workshop.  something to think about.   more later.

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Rina said...

WOW...what a deal!!! so wish you were teaching at my micheals!!!

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