Tuesday, February 2, 2010

demo piece......

this is another one of my demo pieces that i slapped out.  oops, oh, ok, i created in a few seconds a couple of years ago.
i was commenting that its fun to take an image from a modern magazine and combine it with an old vintage picture.  here i took the highboy from a magazine... albeit, an older style of chest of drawers, then  combined it with the old lady.  i'm not sure where i got the image now.  i think it was one from one of my commissioner's photo album.  she gve me permission to use it.
 it is a sheer co-incidence that the vintage lady looks an awful lot like singer susan boyle.   i guess vintage lady must be susan's double.  even her body size too.
nevertheless, it is a fun piece - try it.
again, the cone hat, i know.   its a very old joke now, but one that is hard to stop doing.


Ophelia said...

This is such an awesome piece!!!

Kim Tedrow said...

A couple of minutes? It looks great. The resemblance to Susan Boyle is kind of creepy. I'm going to try this because I'm trying to avoid doing other stuff. -Kim

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