Sunday, January 3, 2010

the real story of Max and Ruby........

(still have xmas pins left to give away.....)

I made a slew of collage-y pins for xmas this year and then I couldn't stop making them -- they are so much fun to do.  I like to give them out as my way of paying back the goodwill I receive from art lovers all year long.
This year for my art I used three different images taken from my family album.  Two of them are of my mom, Ruby, and one is of my dad, Max.
The first image of my mom is very special to me.  It is one I have used over and over in my art.    Her painted image, in different forms (as well as my dad's) has, on numerous occasions, been published,  juried into shows, won awards and sold to collectors all over the globe.   It makes me laugh that my parents are on walls in living rooms of strangers from all walks of life.  How adventuresome of them.
Ruby in the Car:
She is seated in my dad's yellow convertible.  The car's top is folded down.  She is sporting a large wool coat, her favorite for several years.  They were on their honeymoon and had stopped along California highway 101 somewhere near Santa Barbara.  My mom has a rosy cheeked  shy "almost smile" (like the Mona Lisa)  on her lips - still shy of her new status as wife.  Something about that look and the way she is seated has compelled me to paint her again and again.
I learned their secret eventually after they both died and I looked in the lock-box -- there was a wedding certificate from Mexico dated after my brother's birth.  This honeymoon was premature.  My mom is pregnant, the real wedding took place a few years later.
Often I paint this image as though my mom were flying in the night sky, fast past stars with her hair flowing behind her.  Some titles have been: "Ruby in the Sky", "Red as Ruby", Ruby's Night Ride" and "Ruby's Look".  Each painting is different, a different mood, a different story.
The image of my dad, Max is one i have used often as well.  I always like to use his image because of his serious and rigid stance.  He was in the military (air force) and even years later stood at attention for every photo.  Because of his straight face, stance and his dry wit, I feel compelled to use his image over and again as the "straight man" for my less serious paintings.  Often I have a cone hat on his head or a balloon tied to his belt, a time or two he has sported a curly birthday blow whistle in his mouth.  Sometimes he is floating in the air holding balloon or wearing a whirlybird hat.  Sometimes there is total chaotic madness going on around him yet he stays straight faced and commands a peaceful spot in the riotous painting.   He would have laughed at my painted jokes.  Just not out loud.

Then there is another image of my mom that I used this year - one of her relaxing on a garden lounge chair in her backyard.  She was reading a book and happened to look up out of casual curiosity just as the photo was snapped.   She hardly knows the photo is being taken.   I love this image of her - it is so authentic.  I love snapshots in general for this reason - I love their truth.
Anyway, i have not painted this image in large format yet, but when i do, i will leave her in her chair but make the chair a giant swing from heaven, or perhaps sailing the night sky as though her chair were a sky ship.

Symbols:  My paintings of my parents are always spiritual.   My mom will always represent Madonna and my father is a loyal soldier at the gates of heaven.

My hope is that you will understand my parents as symbols of those we love (universally) and long to be with during the holiday season - those with kindred spirits of love, happiness and peace.
God Bless.  Lisa Bebi
If you would like a pin - you may have one for free while they last by emailing me your mailing address:  I still have a couple hundred left.

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Jill Berry said...

I would like one, and will send you a trade.
I love your work, and your video. Brave.
Jill Berry

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