Saturday, January 9, 2010

i'm watching youuuuu...

not really.  i am just popping in here to mention that i plan (at this moment) to be at the second saturday event at the escondido gallery tomorrow night (see my side bar for details) at 5:30 - 7 p.m..  however, my daughter has a long swim meet this weekend - if it goes too long i will be too pooped to go.  so i hope you understand if i don't make it.
plus i am working overtime trying to get all my chapters together for the new book "Art at the Speed of Life" - an ironic title for me .........- or is it?

i'm very proud to be in this book.  BTW


Tess said...

I love the artwork you posted here. Very pretty face. I like all the circles peeking out too.
I really must start saving to buy some of these books my favorite artists are talking about.

icandy... said...

Good luck to your daughter at this weekend's swim meet! This piece is beautiful!!!!

lisa bebi said...

thanks tess and christina - tes - glad you noticed the peeking circles. art at the speed of life is a work in progress right now - but deadlines are looming.

christina - my daughter did OK at the swim meet - she is just now starting to really train for CIFs.
we're excited for her.

Carissa Paige said...
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Carissa Paige said...

dearest kindred lisa,you are the coolest of the cool - i can't wait until "Art at the Speed of Life" arrives!

i admire you and your artwork and really appreciate your compliment (on my blog.) i could barely contain my excitement (!)

big-big love,
carissa p.

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