Sunday, January 24, 2010

At the bard hall show......

Thank you all who came out to the artist reception last wednesday in the downpour.  i understand a small tornado touched down in hillcrest that night which ruined all the traffic lights in the hood.  its totally unheard of in our area to have a tornado - of course it had to happen the night of the show and right in the neighborhood of the show!
nevertheless people came while i almost didn't come!
i made some new friends, including richard who took this picture.  thank you, richard.  I didn't even notice you taking it.  also it was so fun that night to do some impromptu ATCs for the ATC show next month.
 i just got back from the anaheim convention center - the CHA supershow.  I was on the internet streaming "pajama party" last night which was a blast.  (note to self:  must learn to look into the camera).
then tonight i appeared as a "celebrity" artist for the scrapbook royalty fund raiser and auction.  i donated 3 paintings that appeared with my article "colors of vintage" for somerset gallery magazine.  i hope the new owners contact me to tell me that they have my art.  i always like to know where my work ends up living.  i don't always get to know who has what - but when i do, i give a quiet little wish for my art to love its new home.
my paintings for the article where of old vintage photos that i painted in bright colors like pink and yellows - my point was - vintage images don't always have to be sepia or black and white.   i loved the brighter colors because although the photos of the time were not in color, the reality was there was color in their dresses, hats, cheeks and backgrounds, etc..  i just don't feel inclined to continue with faded colors for an aged appearance - the brighter colored ones translated vintage just the same.  here are some of them.


Diane said...

Lisa, these are so beautiful. I just love your work!!

SOM said...

I'm sure I must be mistaken but...that almost looks like an old "skate key" on a chain hanging around your neck. hehehehehe

lisa bebi said...

i love my old skate key.

Anonymous said...

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