Friday, November 6, 2009

bob dylan and friends...

all along the watchtower....this pic of a painting that sold in 2006 is posted for my new follower lille diane-- who is a woodstock hippy.
ah, too bad it doesn't show up better than this. sorry the painting was created from one of the images found in this video - it had dylan, mcclure and ginsberg together.



anna maria said...

Boy, I had such a crush on Bob Dylan when I was 17!

lisa bebi said...

me too! i feel the blush now.

Lille Diane said...

What a lovely, lovely surprise!!!! I am honored, and LOVE Dylan. Dylan is the nickname for my best friend, too. [she can do a "mean' imitation of him, too but you'd need a Depends to watch er. You'd bust a bladder laughing so hard.]

I am grinning ear to ear [no whacky tobacky needed lol]. Thanks for making my day!
Love, Lille aka~Woodstock Lily~

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