Tuesday, November 17, 2009

advanced issue Somerset Art Quilting Studio and my article

i just received my advanced issue of the winter 2010 art quilting studio by somerset studio. i am pleased to have an article in there (page 108-111) but i have to say....i love all the articles. very very cool publication this time especially. yummmy.i love "painterly compositions" by evie zaccardelli, first and foremost. dinah sargent's work has me completely spellbound. i am so glad to finally see a quilting magazine that actually shows real art -far from patchwork and stitching points. (not that there is anything wrong with that), but finally a magazine that shows the opposite and the extreme. love it love it love it.
jette clover's work - very interesting. jude hill i can relate - i have a soft spot for hearts too.
ruth rae steps away from her off white fabric with red thread and does gorgeous sheers also too cool to be true. burnt and bound - jen osborn a must read- very, very mind expanding.
ok i have to stop listing now but before i do.....there are articles on rust, poetry, pockets, calligraphy, beetles, bottle tops, birds, quiltages, advice on composing with spontaneity, and even moby dick. i even noticed that and more, more more. just awesome. job well done stampington. i even noticed that the artist danita and i have some of the same stash. hahaha, small world sometimes. i think it hits the newsstands dec. 1.


PCarriker said...

Congrats!! Very cool indeed!

Linda said...

can i tell people we're BFF's? :) you are just everywhere my friend! and all very cool! Linda

lisa bebi said...

of course you can tell everyone we are BFFs. when will i see you? are you coming to san diego?
hey pam - how busy are you these days? just teasing - i know you are v. busy.

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