Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stream of consciousness painting....

here are 2 of 4 automatic paintings i just posted for sale at etsy.

my blurb:
original stream of consciousness paintings as in my article in the latest Somerset Studio (nov dec 2009) magazine by the same name. these "spirits" in warm white came into being by themselves. i ran my brush filled with warm white acrylic across the paper and then i saw them. they are a delightful group of angels or spirits, sometimes winged, sometimes in groups. very interesting. each one is obviously different.
some names i have for them are:

two for one spirit" (here)
"after dark, group of six"

"seeking counsel"
"baby between" (here)

you could use it as a journal page and write on top of it, you could copy it and write or draw on it (please don't sell or give away the copies, or license them as your own work), you could incorporate it into your own project and say that it was in collaboration with me or not, i could just be your "ghost" artist.
they are painted on small brown paper bags, flatten and first painted in burnt umber - sometimes collaged underneath.
5" x 81/2"

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