Tuesday, October 6, 2009

making a glam paintover.....

learn to paint on a magazine tear out and turn it into and fun wall hanging.

isn't she cute?
i thought she would look god in light blue and lavender. see the shiny parts? that is the part of the magazine page i left alone. (also some aluminum foil to the left i use as my palette)

this class takes place 10/27/09 at the Stamp Addict (san diego, CA) this month ---see my sidebar here to find out details.


Tess said...

Aww, I was hoping fr a short online tutorial of sorts. I think the painting is pretty. She looks comfortable with the colors you gave her.

Colette George said...


Dang, I can't wait to learn first hand from you girl....I've got a few pieces collected to work on!

Hopefully soon- there hasn't been any talk of coming to SD- I need to check back in with the man. Unfortunately things are coming up with mom...and Ty was just laid off- again. (for the second time- just after the insurance kicked in AGAIN!! grrrr.)

So, likely April. but, we'll see.

Hugs, Colette

anna maria said...

Last night I received my copy of the issue of Somerset Workshop with your Paintover article and gallery. Loved it. Very interesting.
I did something similar once before with a magazine cutout, but I can't wait to try your method.
Wish I lived near San Diego - I would definitely take the in-person workshop!

lisa bebi said...

thank you for stopping by anna maria. i dropped by your blog "a passing fancy" and split a seam laughing at your dog photos. too cute.
AND, i am trying your recipe tonight, BTW.
if you are on facebook, i have a couple of step-outs on how to do this technique in my photo albums there. if you are not a facebook member - its free to join. once you join just ask to be my friend and you will be! : )

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