Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i'm proud of this article!

just got my advanced issue of somerset studio, nov/dec 2009 - pages 20-24 has my art and my article on automatic painting. (remember when i was fooling around with brown paper bags a few months back? see previous posts around june or july)
anyway, i did some reseach on automatic painting and here is my article. once again, somerset studio has done a great job. the article is called "stream -of-consciousness painting".
you can pick up your copy from me ( or or barnes and noble or any other major book seller and at michael's, etc.
i hope that you like it - and you know what - you should try my technique - its good for the soul and your art both.
i have opened up an etsy account (online store) and little by little i am placing stuff in there for sale. right now my main concern is to clear out my studio, so i am fodder and papers, supplies, basically - but stay tuned i am going to try to upload something new everyday (night)...i have sooooo much. ugh!
anyway my etsy name is "pimpmyart" go to and plug in my name


anna maria said...

Are you sure about that link for getting it from you? Looks like an email and a website. I WOULD like to get it!

Tess said...

Hi Lisa, I can't wait for my issue to arrive. I'll be turning to your pages first. I love the somerset studios magazine.
FYI for others: Lisa's etsy site is at
and her website is at I found a contact the artist link on her website. I love viewing her collages there.
Teresa aka Tess

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