Friday, October 23, 2009

demo boards for sale, cheap!

i have a surplus of "started" little canvases and demo boards that i created during my paintover workshops. i used them to demonstrate such things as how to create an interesting background by laying on layers of paint, then scribing through the wet layers of paint, stamping into them while wet and /or painted over collage elements collaged; all to create interest and intrigue.
some canvases were used to illustrate other steps like how to glue down the image seamlessly. and of course how to paint so that the images looks "married" to the canvas. i love these little canvases, i keep them so that i don't have to start from scratch when i have a time crunch, when a project is due for publishing or entering a show, etc. i love them, love them.
but i have too many - i keep tripping over them - so i am selling them 2 to a pack for $6.50 plus s & h. or 4/pack for $12.00. their sizes vary from as big as 9" x 12" - to as small as 4" x 4".
use them to plunk down your project straight on top (like i do) or whatever you want. take the color that's on the canvas already as a clue as to what color project to adhere on top.

they are great for the artist on the go. (like me). these packs are a grab bag because i don't have time to sort unique orders.
and feel good, you are helping me - this is all part of a BIG effort to clear out my studio space so that i can continue creating! thanks for helping!!!!
get them at my etsy shop "pimpmyart" - they are a hot item! or email me at

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