Tuesday, September 8, 2009

spiritual piece, number 2..

"ruby descending the staircase" - this silhouette piece was done a few years ago, but i decided to group it with a few paintings i have newly categorized as spiritual paintings.

i have an article coming out soon in somerset studio about automatic painting.  i am proud of my article.   i have already proofed it.  i thought it was going to come out for october, but i was wrong because the sept/october issue is out already on the stands.  so perhaps it is coming out in the nov/dec issue.  so automatic  painting, is a very spiritual way of creating where you empty your mind of worldliness and worries.   you just let your hand scroll.  i wrote about it in this blog and on facebook several months ago.  it's fun and liberating.  however, this automatic process has nothing to do with this piece.  this piece is categorized as spiritual because of it's subject matter and story rather than the process or mindset i was in while creating the piece.  
the subject matter here is of my mom, seen in silhouette, much like a spirit, descends from another place for a "visit".   the atmospheric soup she is in has unclear writings and other collaged pieces in the background suggests the "disturbances" one senses when something is not clear.  i have quite a few pieces in this series now, some more foreboding than others.  the piece i will post tomorrow is a more light-hearted spiritual piece.
 speaking of the sept./oct issue of somerset studio---i noticed it has 
a great article in the front of the magazine by my good artist friend, Victoria Huckins.  Victoria was the director of escondido arts partnership for 4 years.   then tragedy hit a couple of years ago when her (and her family's) house burnt to the ground in that horrific wildfire that hit del deos (sp?) (escondido).  she had a beautiful old house too. 
but her article, story and art are not about that - it is about her vibrant art using or incorporating her daughter's old homework pages.  curious?  you should be -
very very cool work - i love her work.  very modern and 1930's at the same time.

 got to know victoria better when we stayed together (with 8 other artists) in a house in paris last year when renee richetts and i conducted our workshop there. now that was a dream retreat.   
encore!  we are planning it again for christmas time 2010 (when my daughter will be on school break).  if you are interested in attending, shoot me an email.  we already have some great artists lined up to attend and teach.


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About this automatic painting thing, which Somerset Studio magazine? They have about a billion :-) and I just started checking them out a few weeks ago, so now I keep finding a new one to order, which means I keep wasting money on shipping.

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