Tuesday, August 11, 2009

brush essentials....

i could not go without these sized brushes for my smaller work. just saying.


i have had a few events in the last couple of days that have put a mild stress into my life. but it is not so bad, really.
first my son, jamie, set off for buffalo, NY, driving, (not that experienced of a driver) to go to SUNY university of Buffalo for a 5 year stint to get his masters and PhD in literature. he received a full ride plus a large 5 year stipend to do this. although i am very proud, i miss him already. he has lived away from home for 6 years now - he moved to santa barbara when he started UCSB and stayed there after he finished- he was only a 4 hour drive away. but san diego to buffalo - that's different! he set off last friday driving with his friend zuri who will be attending the rhode Island school of art (i'm jealous). if you are a long time member of foothills art association, you might remember zuri and my son doing a demo together a couplle of years ago. i think zuri was probably our youngest demo instructors. my son was the model, zuri the painter. very talented. anyway, they got there all in one piece - so i am thankful.

next my daughter, brooke, is taking her summer school break traveling mexico city by herself. she wants to see the various museums and practice her new second language, spanish. i am happy for her - but she is by herself.....in mexico....a mother's biggest worry...

then rosie already started back to high school. she is a sophomore. actually i am not too unhappy about this - i think old mom v. 14 year old had had enough for one summer.

then yesterday i had a sudden and mysterious crop of welts on my chin and ear. i thought for sure i had spider bites...after facebooking about it and causing alarm to my friends, i found out later it was an allergic reaction to my new medication. the welts were so large it looked as though i got a hammering on a glass jaw from Ali. today with plenty of benadryl - it is going away. slowly.

i hope i don't have this swollen mess on my face for the big launch party tomorrow night in santa ana, the Artbar with all the somerset studio folks. see previous post ("have launch with me..")


Lisa Gallup said...

My son is a junior at the local university. I hope beyond hope that he stays here, but I know he may leave for grad school (or to move away even to work at some point). Such sadness!! I know your son will have a wonderful time in NY, but it's hard on the mom!! ((hugs))
Lisa Goodrich Gallup (on Facebook) :)

The Paris Salon said...

Congrats to you, Lisa, on your well accomplished kids!! I have 2 daughters in college, one in Philadelphia and the other in Vermont. They have both been gone for 1.5 and 4 years, respectively. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! On the other side, though, is watching them become strong, resourceful, resilient, creative individuals with a deeper appreciation of the goodness of home and the exhiliration of sharing their burgeoning lives via phone, internet, and visits back and forth (I went to visit them in July and had a blast ;)

lisa bebi said...

thank you my friends for helping me understand that we are not alone in rearing the kids. it DOES take a village.

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