Thursday, August 27, 2009

the apron kathy olsen made me...

what a wonderful surprise when i got to my workshop yesterday - kathy olsen presented me with this apron.
she made it from scratch material that was won at the stampington launch party.   she didn't have a pattern, she just started stitching up the 10" x 10" squares of cloth.  she even lined it and finished the ties neatly.  if it had been me, i would finished it by ripping a straight line at the bottom and sewing in elastic somewhere. 
i didn't wear it during class though, cuz i woulda messed it up with paint.
and, its so cute - it would be lots cuter if there was not a lump of laundry in my tummy area, but oh well.
that lump of laundry has seen some really good eats and drinks in this lifetime.  i shouldn't complain i guess...
(hey can you spy my set of copic markers which i use for fleshtones and my "the Knot" magazine for painting ideas on the table there)?

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