Friday, July 31, 2009

jim dine.....

what a great artist. he began in NYC in the early 1960's with people like claes oldenberg, rauchenberg and andy warhol...he was one of the fathers of pop art - he is known for such imagery as messy hearts ("the hearts of dine" that became postage stamps in the 197o's). the musical "hair" was named that after one of his paintings. he is known for his men's robe series, as seen here above.
i was inspired by his work when i was getting my BA in fine art in college in the 1970's from SDSU...then after about 10 years after graduation, my uncle from new york came to visit me. he said did you know that your cousin is named jim dine? can you imagine?
actually my uncle said it this way: lisa, you love art, did you know that you have a cousin who is also an artist - he has had some success - you probably have never heard of him...his name is dine - jim dine. i never really liked his work, i don't understand it, but he has had some success. i said ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME?????
i love his work. then i think i passed out.
my uncle was so shocked that i had heard of him or studied him.
oh well.
so, yep on my father's side. my grand dad owned a hardware store in ohio - jim's grandparents owned a hardware store in ohio. they were brother--sister. his mom who was a gutman (like me)married a dine - she died early - he went to live with his grandfolks the gutmans. jim is older than me - he is in his 70's now. my father married late in life. i was a menopause child....anyway, my dad had always talked about this hardware store - but jim showed us all about the hardware store in his art. there is a drawing - part of the NYC MOMA's permanent collection that jim did of the family tree - our names are there...well, not mine - i was not born yet - but my dad and mom....pretty damn cool.
still, i wish i were half as successful.
anyway, i have been on the lookout for him (he lives in many places and is unreachable) because of a death in the family - i need to give notice regarding a trust. (which i realize sounds very nigerian con-artist) if anyone can would be appreciated.


Susan Bainbridge said...

Lisa, This is really cool! I love the synchronicity of it. Hope you find him. Soon.


Joy Logan said...

He is sure a fav of mine!

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