Sunday, June 21, 2009

past ailments....

although (previous post) is personal - i will talk about it, especially to those who have autoimmune disorders and are struggling mentally as well as physically with the complexity of these issues and frustration of miss or no diagnosis.

in my case, my eye doc - saw the cloudiness in the backs of my eyes and could see that i had a profound problem - when the first doctors said nothing was wrong with me, she became my advocate and called and pressured the gen. pract. doc to send me to a rheumatic doctor, who finally through tests saw that my kidneys were failing and sent me on to the nephrologist - who "happened" to know what it was after a full day of scary tests.  i have to admit, i also needed to be treated for shock while in the hospital that day- i did not have a clue my kidneys were the issue, nor that my situation was so dire.

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