Thursday, June 25, 2009

you don't have to be a star, baaaayyaabee...

to be in my shooooow.

yesterday, the del mar fair. or the san diego fair, which ev - i had a great time demo-ing in a tent in the plaza in front of the art building which is really the paddock during horse race season. i loved this giant robot (at least 15 feet tall) that came by us few times (i believe alberson's sponsors him) and made funny comments -sometimes even insulting comments to everyone. some times he even tried to pick up on chicks. what a laugh. he sang sinatra too. he came over to artist midge hyde who was demo-ing in the tent before i did and had this long conversation about art. he is purple and she was using purple in her chalk drawing. he patted himself on his back for having a wonderful artistic eye.
we couldn't figure out how a man could be inside this robot suit because his butt was so small. finally i asked an "in-the-know" fair person if she had seen the guy in the suit. she said (chewing gum) "yeah, he is like this really short guy with glasses; a total nerd, kinda like plankton on spongebob squarepants... he like, totally stays to himself."
hmmm. still, it was hard to image how anyone could be that small to fit where the robots joints bend, that area is so small....hard to explain.
earlier in the day i saw an act of young cirque solie (sp?) types, curling around a high ring - great act, and then came the pie eating contest - pies from coco's. they started with kids aged 7 and 8. i left before the puking started.
I took rosie and she brought a friend. I unleashed them at the fun zone early with unlimited ride wristbands and $20.

When i saw them again, after my demo - they look pretty tired, sunburnt and puky themselves. they had been on every ride - even the most unnatural opposite gravity ones. the "zipper", "hi-miler" and one awful one called the "tango", one called "extreme" too. Lots of plunging, jerking, whip-lashing --and then there were the rides themselves!!!....(ok, i made a joke).
but, ugh. i never liked those rides. but they did and they had fun lots of fun. they ignored the carnies who wanted them to try to win grossly oversized stuffed animals. rosie and jennie kept responding by saying, "no, thank you, I already have a full selection of giant stuffed farm animals at home."
so much fun they had......
until later last evening, rosie complained that she still tasted the deep fried oreo cookies, deep fried twinkies, australian fried and battered potatoes, smothered in some thick, gross looking white sauce...hearing this almost made me puke. she said that she wished she had eaten something nutritious like the deep fried frog legs......(er....ok). i think she was also a bit sun sick. SO! it was a successful and satisfying day at the fair!!!

I had a huge crowd watching me paint (i got a little shy, but talked myself through it) then i impromptu -ed an area for kids to have at it - painting. they loved it. i don't think anyone got paint on their clothes. which is always a plus.


Tess said...

Sounds like fabulous fun!!!!

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

I wish I would have known you were going to be there! If you have time, i did a piece with one of the canvas backgrounds we made in your class.. its on my

verobirdie said...

I love the girl in the painting. Gorgeous!
And the fair seems to have been fun.

lisa bebi said...

verobirdie - why not come to my workshop this saturday?

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