Thursday, June 18, 2009

pretty little maidens.... all in a row....

sometimes it feels good to paint a ton of little paintings. i painted this tiny series to put together to give away at my workshop this month.
these are so fast and easy - i will be teaching this technique at the workshop june 27 saturday at escondido arts partnership, (north county san diego)
(760) 480-4101 - a few spaces left. plus attendees get a free tiny original painting signed by me!!! my tiny giveaways are now collectibles.

i have to admit, self promotion sucks, i hate it as does every artist - but it is a necessity - until one gets a representative - then you are at the mercy of the agent. "go here", "paint this"...."i needs several more like this one...." life as an artist is not easy. there is no easy way to get out there.
still, it's better than being stuck behind a desk wishing you had time to paint.

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