Thursday, May 28, 2009

my small canvases in Somerset Gallery......

i am a lucky girl. i just got my advanced issue of Somerset Gallery magazine, right inside, the first article is mine, 3 pages, about the "colors of vintage". again, i truly thank stampington and company for their lovely magazine - the photography and presentations is beautiful.


Janny said...

Cograts, it looks beautiful. I am goning to buy it! Thank you so much for your tutorials. My images are bubbeling when I colour them, what do I do wrong?

lisa bebi said...

what are you painting on? magazine papers? or photocopies?
well, both will get wrinkly - especially of course the magazine rip out. the more watery your paints the more they will "bubble" as you say. two things you can try. one. before you start, coat both sides with matte medium, let that dry then work on the side you like.
or simply wet the other side to counter-wrinkle. there are going to be wrinkles, no mater what because of the nature of the thin paper. these are practice pieces. however, the ones i save to sell, i mount on a canvas using matte medium and i use my hand to push out all bubbles. start pushing from the center to the edges.
hell, i know....i will do a tutorial on that!

Joy Logan said...

Of course I bought the are in it!

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