Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mom and me, grand canyon

i'm been thinking about my mom as mother's day approaches...i remember this trip to the grand canyon, my father flew us there in his comanche bi-plane along with my aunt lillian and her family. the back of this photo says that it was taken by my cousin chuck, who was a teenager in 1961. what a great photo!!! - chuck grew up to be a doctor instead of a photographer though. oh well, sometimes it hard to have so many talents rolled into one person. important decisions follow.

now about american idol:
OK i have to say that it is getting boring. adam and alison rule. i love danny gokey - i love his voice and his confidence -- as i said before something about him speaks to me. while adam is probably top pick, his voice gets on my nerves sometimes. tonight his single was very rocky horror picture show. he was great in the duet. alison was the best singer/performer tonight. little cutie has to go - my daughter's favorite, chris. none of these guys are losers though. i heard on the radio today that adam lambert is coming to our sports arena. see the show is not even over yet and he is already selling tix on the road.
OK. night everyone.
goodnight momma.

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