Wednesday, May 6, 2009

easy magazine paintover explained.

i give a step-by-step photo description of this technique on Face Book.  if you have a facebook account, just look me up "lisa bebi" then click on my photo album entitled "magazine paintover step-by-step".
facebook is free and easy to sign up.  i like it because it is user friendly and i can easily upload my photos of my art.

i might try to upload it here too, if i have time later tonight.

and yeah, the bottom of her dress does make me think of a coconut cake or white chocolate...yuuuuum.

6 comments: said...

Hi Lisa
I did not know you had a blog-you goober.
I saw your link from Marie, at 8teen she lists you there.
anyway I now follow you. As usual I just love your art.
Here is my blog if your at all interested.

lisa bebi said...

hey brittany:
i didn't know you had a blog either. looks great.
my daughter still loooouuuuves that piece i got from you that day -the trade- remember?
i liked your panache piece too.

Joelle said...

this is so yummy!
Love it!!! : )

lisa bebi said...

yeah it looks like a coconut cake, doesn't it?

Janny said...

Beautiful; work, pitty I am not a member of the facebook;o(

Allo said...

I looked for the photo album "magazine paintover step-by-step" on facebook and didn't see it. It's sweet the way this turned out.

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