Sunday, May 24, 2009

check out first place....

another school record broken! (ok it was the 33 year old record she broke on thursday - she merely broke her own record today).
this was heat one of 200 yards individual medley (2 lengths of each stroke in one race).
she got 6th overall (qualified 8th).
in her 100 breast stroke - she broke the school record again (same thing, she broke it thursday and today swam faster and broke her own record), she qualified 4th and finished 4th.
so ends her freshman CIFs. now she will go back to club swimming until next high school swim season.

in the top photo is the finish of her race. the second pic is her butterfly (stroke)- she is wearing a white cap. the last pic is of the scoreboard if you click on it you will read her name as first!
ask me how proud i am. and i am going to have a drink to this race, believe me! cheers.

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Marilyn Rock said...

I'm lifting my glass to Rosie :) Or I should say "cup" - coffee!

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