Saturday, May 2, 2009

auto painting - "sofa twins", "group of 4" and "winged ones"

of course anyone who knows me knows if i do something i like, and it turns out pleasing to me, then there is no turning back - much more of the same thing will come spewing forth. and so it is with the paper bag paintings, which i am calling "automatic painting". why automatic painting? because automatic painting or drawing or writing is a process one does without any preconceived ideas or notions as how it should be. it a freedom from one's psyche.... a movement of the hand (with a paintbrush) that just starts to sprawl across a page without mental control. so this is what i did here. (i would not go so far and called it mediumistic automatism - but these images do seem to be like conjured ghosts.)
i simply let my brush do the talking. in rather slow movement (for me) i ran the brush across the page to create shapes - from the shapes, i added heads and sometimes hands. in "sofa twins" these two who look as though they are sitting on a sofa came into being this way as well as "group of 4". the "winged ones" painting was somewhat more controlled, in that i knew i wanted to add some wings --an inspired piece-- from a painting i love by artist beverley ashe. auto painting is a true delight to work this way. a surprise, a happening.

i think it is great practice for those who tend to overthink and overwork. it helps too if you feel you are in a rut and just want to escape for a minute -from the problem -solving literal painting carries.
anyway, i hope you like them.
these are on small brown paper bags that i coated with burnt umber (a bit of either med. blue or copper or indian yellow hue in each batch. i love the look and feel of worn leather, which is what this mimics. this is what it is like. (see previous posts a couple of days ago, for the first ones i did)


Marilyn Rock said...

These are awesome and you've inspired me to run out and get paperbags. I thought I was done with them when I retired :) Thank you for your constant inspiration!

lisa bebi said...

marilyn, i like your new profile pic here.
yeah, i love paper bags.....kinda a scary thought.

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