Thursday, April 23, 2009

remember those paper bags a couple of days ago?

i started to follow my muse and ended up painting in negative spaces on these paperbags (flattened and painted burnt umber). there is more work to be done, but thought you might be on them and you will see more detail.
when i started painting with warm white (in the negative space) the figures began to emerge out in positive. it's fun and delightful.

a bit spooky, huh?


Joy Logan said...

How cool is this! OK Lisa you show us all up all the time,lol!

Hilari said...

Wow! That is a really awesome technique! Love the expressions on the faces!

Jacky said...

Hi Lisa, a comment by Brittany of blog papermoonies on my blog commenting that we have similar styles. Ahh she is very flattering, but I was curious, love what you have done on these paperbags. We have a mixed media shop in Australia if you are interested look on for a couple of years we also ran art retreats in Australia, but found it took us away from our shop to much so have given them up, we just run one longer one with only one guest tutor from America, last year we had Nina Bagley and had a wonderful week. I love your work that I have had the chance to look at on your blog.
best wishes

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