Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my son Jamie, age 15

well my son, jamie, is now a grown man at the age of 24 and getting ready to go off to University of Buffalo to earn his PhD in literature. so, i thought i would take a little trip down memory lane. these pics were taken when he was about 15....i had a professional photographer take a pic of each of my kids at this time. rosie pics were taken in a field of flowers, brooke's were taken in a studio environment and jamie's were here at Bird Rock, Pacific Beach.
i remember when the photograghy session ended there was a whole string of pubescent girls lined up on top of the rock watching as though he were a teen idol. he coulda been one, if you ask me.
i am placing these pics up here for another reason. because tonight is american idol and i mentioned before that scott (the blind guy kicked off a few weeks ago) reminded me of jamie. they both have/had such a look of innocence to them. of course now my jamie is looking more like a beatnik (which makes sense in his line of work - writing), but there was a day when he was healthy, young, rosy cheeked and teen idol looking. at least to his momma. what's life without memories?

OK, now that i have watched american idol this week - here's what i think: first of all, i can't believe the panel wasted a vote last week and saved matt g. - i think he should go tomorrow. so that's one off the show.
i was not that impressed with lil rounds - she had good spots but at times she was screechy--- and her moving around the stage (i guess it was kinda dancing) felt very awkward, confusing and disorganized to me.
my favorite singer this week is chris!- i love how he changed "she works hard for her money", very clever, very beatnik.
2nd place goes to danny gokey - he has a great voice and inspires celebration - celebration for and of life (knowing his history helps me love him - his wife died just before he came on the show - in case you didn't know that). i liked anoop. anoop and his mom and dad are very lovable. adam and alison are predictably great - so i am a bit bored with that.
i am confused about lil rounds. i love her voice in parts - but she is inconsistent, so i guess she is the other one i would vote off tomorrow. the others are so great - i agree with what the panel kept saying - there are too many great artists in this idol this time. what do you think?


fredg said...

Just a quick note - - first, Jamie is much more handsome than Scott, much, much. No comparison. I love Idol and agree with all your observations but I really like Adam. Early on, I felt I would definitely pay big ticket prices to see him, he's very professional and totally entertaining. Luv ya, say hi to all.

Anonymous said...

I see so much of Ruby in Jamie's eyes and eyebrows. She loved that boy!

lisa bebi said...

yeah (sigh) she did love him very much - well, you know, jamie has always been very lovable..... : )

i wish my parents could have lived forever.....and i just know jamie's father, gerald, is looking down on him and making sure he has a good life, every step of the way.

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