Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my mom in plaid

i don't know what i did wrong with her hair, but i will fix it.
anyway, i want to talk about american idol and since this is my blog, i'm gonna do it here.
i love that show.
i think everyone is very talented, hard to choose a loser. here's my breakdown:
matt needs to get rid of the wart in the middle of his forehead and he needs to grow bigger teeth or shorter gums. however he made up for everything by wearing really tight pants tonight. and he can sing! and perform.
the next guy - the one with a guitar, my daughter loves him. but i don't. i think his face looks like a cartoon character, his mouth does funny things and he sings nasal-y.
next was scott, the blind guy. i love him, although he is a bit freaky to look at. loved his pink pants outfit, he has an honest voice, he is true to himself and totally top notch ability - he will make it as a singer/ song writer, easy.
love his piano and singing. i didn't agree with the panel who thought he didn't do all that well tonight.

tattoo girl: i love the sound of her jazzy voice - she reminds me of blossom deary, who i really truly love, but i agree, her song was a train wreck tonight. she looked uncomfortable moving around the room singing. too bad.
the big guy - family man: he should sing either country western songs or religious songs. he is a very honest person in his manner and singing. nice teeth. needs to get someone with taste to dress him though. i'm sick of his jeans.

anoop: broke my heart with his singing tonight - i cried, so touching and beautiful. what a voice -i love that song anyway. needs to lose the college boy style though. love his mom and dad........makes me want a curry dinner.
lil rounds: what a great voice, i thought her performance was rushed tonight, but she is so good, doesn't matter. not quite tina turner legs, but a good try.
adam (who i say looks like elvis): i thought his high pitched falsetto voice "tears of a clown" was not great, but he got all thumbs up, so what do i know? i liked his cleaned up look. i think he is very talented and handsome. (and, i think he is from san diego).
danny gokey - he is a favorite of mine - i want to dance everytime he sings. sad story about the death of his wife though.
he comes across as a bit arrogant, sometimes, that's the only thing i don't like about him. he should sing without his glasses - he looks like a jr. high school band teacher. er, maybe he is a band teacher....
finally, the little mexican troll, wow!
just wow! every week i want to vote her off, cuz she is, well, ugly, needs to lose the lower braces in her chops and the red hair, but wow! i'm thinking she is the best one after tonight. looks don't really matter when you are that talented. and she is young.

ok, thats the ugly truth as i see it. no one at home really listens to my comments while watching idol, so i thought i would coment here.

oh yeah, and simon is a 6 year old. god he talks over paula all the time. annoying.
course paula seems drunk to me half the time. sometimes she says interesting things, she always seems uncomfortable in her own skin which i find annoying.
i love cara (sp?) - she is hip and says interesting stuff that i genereally agree with....i hope they always have her in future idols.
and the dawg, randy seems right-on most of the time.
ok, now i can get some sleep.

oh, so i think probably tattoo girl will get kicked off, and that will make me sad. i would like to see guitar boy/cartoon mouth go.


Mary said...

I'm ready for tatto girl to be gone...she can't sing on key. Blind guy needs to go also...let's see, also oil rigger guy. Those are the bottom three, IMO. I guess we'll see tonight :)

lisa bebi said...

well, rigger guy is gone - man did paula love him or what?

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