Friday, March 13, 2009

mom and son

i love the background on this one. it was done in a light wash of acrylic, then i added to it.

there is something special about art by serendipity, art that is fresh and comes out of chance happenings. this is what i try to do, create in a way that does not look over -created or overworked by the artist's hand. i think it comes across more spiritual this way, more magical and mysterious.
i like for the piece to look as though it made itself.

of course i have been trained to paint realistically - i have a BA in fine art - emphasis painting and printmaking. i had put in a few hard working years of painting landscapes, fruit in a basket, nude models....... but realistic paintings never do it for me.

they leave me cool.

back in college, i used to say, we have photography to report what we see, painting should be expression. i wanted to paint how it felt to be in the painting- emotionally, as if the people in this painting carried colors and shapes with them.
in this painting, i have put it together to help the viewer not only feel a certain way, but also report on what a distant memory is like.
this is how thoughts, especially memories - are more than just photo-like mental images, but thoughts that are intertwined with fragments of other images - much like dreams.
i hope this makes sense.

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