Sunday, March 29, 2009

"eggs in a basket"

this is sold.

i had a great weekend, albeit tiring somehow ---probably has something to do with my weight lifting workout this morning. oh yeah, i know that sounds impressive. but believe you me - i am very experienced at weight lifting. i walk around with an extra 80 pounds all day. ok maybe just 60 or 50. or something.
the point being. i shouldn't be tired.
i was lucky and sold 3 paintings saturday night with a possible 4th sale. thinking about it. usually thinking about it doesn't amount to buying, but we will see.
i was pleased to sell work in this econo market. but the women who bought my art told me that my work gave them such pleasure that it helped them move along in life. one piece is going to hang in a woman's office. she told me she is a workaholic. i felt badly for her, but at least she knows she is one. the painting was of a woman's legs and handbag only - a working girl, basically. made sense.
the other two people who bought me work said that the works would go in their homes, respectively. or each.
when you think about it, a few hundred dollars is not much for a lifetime of entertainment and joy. one woman who bought my work before (a collector of mine) told me that she has a special wall for my art and when people come to eat at her house they always comment on her art. which is actually my art ---but of course she now owes it. funny feeling sometimes.
i love it when people buy artwork that is painting of my parents. actually someone just bought a baby picture of me! and my brother. we were under a beach umbrella. i was about 9 months old and danny was nearly 4. i'm not even sure i told the buyer that the image was of my bro and me. i will have to remember to mention that next time i see her.

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