Thursday, March 19, 2009

"easter dress"

this is a painting of my brother and i wearing our easter sunday clothes. my brother's attire was nothing new, and he is wondering about me and my frilly dress. probably thinking if he only had a brother, there would not be a reason to have a pic made. it's only because of the dress.
funny, i remember this dress and its details. my mom had it made for me by a local seamstress. i remember the material being a soft taffeta, made lots of noise when i walked. it had a black velveteen trim and huge puff sleeves. i loved to wear a great big petticoat under my dress. it helped set off the huge sleeves. and made me look like a bell. or belle.

anyway, my brother always hated to dress up, go to church have his pic taken and have anything to do with what my mother wanted to do, just generally rebellious........ so considering all this, he looks pretty pleasant.

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