Saturday, March 14, 2009

"beach goers"

well its saturday night...nothing too new at the bebi household. this is the first day of my daughter's 2 week vacation. what to do with al our time?

well, today we went to the gym, after our swim we conditioned our hair with hot, deep leave-in conditioner (of course i didn't follow the directions properly and rinsed mine out immediatey, so tomorrow i might have to do it again)
then we went to target to by some makeup. lotion, nail polish and sugar scrubs.
after that, at home, we gave each other melted paraffin hand and feet bathes.

so much work goes into being so bebi-licious!
while we were waiting for the paraffin bath to heat, rosie spent a couple of hours creating a funky cloth doll. i wanted to share it, but she said no. heavy sigh. (sometimes i feel we are like "kath and kim" - that silly sitcom).

OK so that takes care of day one ---ooohhh so many more ahead. what to do, what to do?
oh what was your question? what was my husband doing all this time? oh, you know, he was making our dinner and walking the dog, etc.
saturday night is pizza night - he makes it from scratch. yum.

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