Saturday, February 21, 2009

max in la jolla

today was a fun day watching my youngest daughter compete in swimming at the jr. olympics.  she had a wonderful meet crashing her old times.  she was wearing an olympic type swim suit - full body length made of some sort of thin wetsuit material.  i think it did wonders for her psyche.
my older daughter tried to come watch but her car broke down, (the transmission) just before the exit to the pool.  it was really bad luck.
i hate to hear about a car breaking down while my child is driving it.   damn, and the transmission had busted once before too.  luckily she had it towed to safety and she was OK.
this is a painting of my dad, max.   when he first moved to san diego, he loved to visit la jolla cove.
time for bed, rosie swims more tomorrow.

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