Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blossom dearie - i won't dance-- RIP

my daughter, Brooke, turned me on to blossom dearie years ago when she(brooke, not blossom) worked her jazz radio show on jazz88, here in san diego.  on my birthday without telling me, she would ALWAYS dedicate blossom dearie to me!    somehow, i was always listening.  one time, i barely tuned in and i heard brooke say, "this is for my mom!  happy birthday momma!" and played "i won't dance".  my chest swelled with pride, then tears because brooke knew just how much i love blossom's childlike voice as she tinkles on the piano in 1950's cocktail lounge sound.  i loved to have her songs as dedicated to me.  what an honor!!!   (and brooke always such a sweetiepie too)

 so rest in peace, blossom dearie, maybe you weren't everyone's favorite, but you were mine - your voice always a treat--- better than chocolate cake on my birthday, or anytime.
i hope, dear readers, you enjoy!

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