Saturday, February 7, 2009

dempsey the dog, sits like a man....

Dempsey is sitting on our couch very sad, indeed. well, it has been very sad around our house since our kitty princess fifi has gone missing. there has been evidence of coyote trouble in our neighborhood. a couple of days ago i found a mauled cat's head (no body) in our street gutter. it was not our cat. it was an all black cat's head. our fifi was a snowshoe Siamese cat, her face was black and white. not her, but coyotes have ben on the prowl around our neighborhood. we spotted a rogue the other night in a residential area near our house.

princess fifi:
she had very beautiful velvet Violet blue eyes and a glorious silky sheen coat (that cost a pretty penny in wholesome catfood). she had the longest tail i have ever seen, that elegantly curled and uncurled around chair and table legs. never meowing, always sophisticated and stylish. she looked as though she was dressed in evening attire.

she was a detective cat... i called her "detecta-cat" because every morning i would find on my landing a paper or two she found in her night hunts within the house. she often found art supply receipts or small art papers that i had been hiding from .....(you know... my husband). and i was always amused to see what she brought up to the landing. one time after my daughter brooke had been house sitting (while we were in italy) fifi brought up brooke's parking ticket!!! often i would collage with her hunts. i took her finds seriously.
fifi also loved the doberman, dempsey. she slept with him everynight---and during the day. she bossed him around, flopped her butt on his nose whenever she could. but also she adored and imitated him...just like dempsey, she would ring the bells on the front door knob as a sign she wanted to potty outside.
she would sit on our coffee table as we watched tv, to get our attention. when i was painting, she would come to be with me, she loved the sound of the scratching my paintbrush made against the canvas. in the winter months she slept at our feet on the bed--- the same place every night. she loved to barge into the bathroom when anyone of our family members were sitting on the pot for any length of time.

she also hunted outside and brought to our doorstep all kinds of lizards and small prey.
so sad are we. i hate to think of her being killed as prey - oh how awful, she was too pretty. but it has happened to many of our cats in the past - we tried to keep her indoors, but she loved to go outside even for a few minutes - she never traveled far.

well, i love you, princess fifi, we have about given up hope as it has been three days since we last saw you.. it has been a wonderful 6 years, but our hearts are heavy.

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