Tuesday, February 3, 2009

another beginning.....

i'm kinda on a roll with these glam women.
in case you don't read my facebook....i have had trouble with my across the street neighbor (who is a gym teacher). she has bought herself a megaphone and broadcasts at 6 a.m. to the neighborhood that (my other neighbors, 3 doors uphill) need to shut their barking dog up......well, i didn't hear the dog....but i heard her! this morning she shouted. SHUT UP YOUR DOG, SHUT UP YOUR DOG, SHUT UP YOUR DOG, a mantra she yelled over and over, over and over again, then finally she shouted, "OK DON'T SHUT UP YOUR DOG BUT YOU ARE BEING A NUISANCE IN THE CITY OF LA MESA." (we live in la mesa)

the person with the dog was at work of course. and clueless. but not the rest of us in the neighborhood.

we live in a nice residential area with wide street and few dogs, but we have one big bitch and she has a megaphone. can you believe it?
so, i found out that breaching the peace at 6 a.m. is actionable. grrrrr. i will have to get up and call the cops tomorrow morning.


also, i'm pissed that our gas and electric bill was over $400 for one month. now, we live in sunny southern california and have not had a reason to turn on our heater. in fact we have done nothing different in the past month. (last month our bill was $200 - which is plenty).....i noticed we were charged for $120.99 for "public purpose programs" what the hell are we supporting? anyone else out there have this problem?

ok, i'm done bitching...goodnight. sorry about that but i had to get this off my chest.


SOM said...

about your G&E bill....SOM to the rescue!! :)

lisa bebi said...

i love that SOM guy!

lisa bebi said...

SOM stands for superman with a little old inbetween.

SOM said...

Big Smile!

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