Monday, January 26, 2009

tonight's painting....."santa rita"

i am in a group collaborative project entitled: Patron Saints. we got to pick our patron saint, create an altered (actually altar-ed, as in an altar to the saints) book that will hold one of each saint in it. once a month we will mail our book around in a rotation so that we can each paint each other's saint.
my patron saint is Saint Rita (Rita is my sister-in-law's name)-she is the patron saint of perseverance....there are many symbols that are incorporated with her icon, roses and white bees, for instance.
i can't wait to see what others have done.
i will mount this painting on paper, which i created tonight onto my "book" as the cover--the book is merely a three ring binder, that i painted and aged.
i was not ambitious making the book - i believe others in the group created their books from scratch.
tomorrow i will work on Saint Francis of Assisi, who is someone else's declared saint. Saint Francis of Assisi is another favorite saint of mine- he is one of the patron saints who visited Gubbio, my in-laws home town in Italy.
the stupid flu...
rosie came home early today with a fever. poor baby. i was sick last week. not for long, thank goodness. i know of so many people who have had a head cold type flu for 3 weeks or more. yuck to that.
brooke started college again today. she is taking about 100 units in hard stuff like spanish level 2 and economics and physical anthro. jamie is being jamie. he lives in santa barbara - over the weekend he was kate winslet.
OK, this is what happened. he was meeting a friend in downtown santa barbara, while the film festival is going on and there was this red carpet for kate winslet, et al.
i guess jamie was texting his friend while walking down the sidewalk-oblivious-when he realized he photo was being taken by paparazzi - he had stumbled onto the red carpet - somehow.....once he understood what was happening, he "went with it"....and was cool being a famous movie star for a day. er, nano second.

he said, "and the security didn't bat an eye".
poor kate.


Glo said...

What an original concept! Actually St. Rita's day is my bday, May 22. I like the idea that you get to learn about each saint and think upon them as you collaborate.

lisa bebi said...

yes, that is a wonderful thing. i like that too. when we each declared our saint we posted all attributes. it amazing what their are saints for - one saint was for golf, i believe. and another was for cats.
i love saint rita, i actually saw her when i was in umbria italy last october. her body is all intactbecause of that she is called an "incorruptable".

ArtSnark said...

Lovely piece

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