Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tonight's crappy painting on paper....

oh well, can't always do masterpieces.
this is a painting of saint rita -abstract. she had white bees come in and out of her mouth as a sign of divinity. so here are the white bees and a ghost like face.

i am wondering when i will be getting my mojo going again with painting. sometimes it is a real slog. i have been painting non-stop for 2 weeks. i hate it when things don't really come together lucidly or fluidly.

but i have been down this path some many many times--- it will break soon and i will be rocking and rolling.

but this dry period sucks.


Scarlet Fields said...

Step away from the paper!! Its not horrible, Pleaasseee! Just a bit of too much painting in too short a time frame...been there done that. Go for a drive, let the cobwebs blow out!

lisa bebi said...

thank you --- i feel much better now.

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