Friday, January 16, 2009


we will be driving the new mercedes around. rosie has a swim meet, which also means i will be an official for two days. it has been so hot here - can you believe it? in the 80's while the rest of the world is under snow.
but the weather changes are what make californians crazy. so unpredictable. no wonder we are laid back. we know that the weather is our master. just a couple of days ago, i was thankful to have a pair of ugg's. now i'm looking for my shorts.

i hung out with my friend, kathy olsen today. she was sporting shorts. we had some great laughs as we shopped through the clearance racks at michaels and jo-anns. we didn't buy much. we were wondering if anyone out there was into art anymore - times are tough, does that mean no one creates - cuz they can't afford it or have the time? - can't justify buying goodies to create with?
i don't know. what do you think?
i am working on a series of bollywood paintings. i love the colors orange and yellow and some pink. i went to see "slumdog millionaire" with my daughter brooke the other day and have not gotten past the beautiful colors. great visual movie, although disturbing.
also i have been watching now and then some tidbits of "this is india" on KPBS. no one else wants to watch it with me. i am totally intrigued by india. i traveled there in 1973 and have not gotten over it. 1973 was a long time ago, but in the movie slumdog, the slums look the same as then. i am fascinated by the indian slums, they are so self contained in a way. they are very efficient - the way they run or organize their lives in the caste system......unless they want to change things.
i just finished reading "white tiger". the character balram wanted out of his caste and he did it by murder and bribes. a bit drastic. its actually a pretty humorous book.

as i say, i'm fascinated by indian slum living, yet we are going to tool around in the mercedes. i am a big hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

You just might be a hypocrite!

Ted said...

Dear Anonymous, Your statement is inherently hurtful and serves no useful purpose other than to be critical and negative and doesn't have a place in a blog such as this. Ms Bebi chooses to be open, honest and willing to share her personal life and whether you agree or disagree with her outlook & opinions on life this is not point/counter point. Please keep your petty negative comments to yourself and move on! or at least have the guts to remove the veil from your name and own up to your ignorance!!



som said...


To say that you are fascinated by Indian slum living yet you drive around in a luxury car makes you curious, fortunate and human, To say publicly, or in private, that you care about slum dwellers or that you are going to help them and yet in reality you don't care and will do nothing...THAT would make you a hypocrite. You are not a hypocrite!!

lisa bebi said...

thank you for having my back.......som and ted!

Scarlet Fields said...

Go Lisa!! Go Ted!!

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