Friday, January 23, 2009

paintings are starting to add up

whew! i have been working and working to try to get some more artwork together ---- i have had low inventory since last year.
here are a few stacked up.
meredith came over today and cheered me up - i have been in a funk for weeks now. we worked nearly all day-- painting. she did some fun paintings that i am sure will get framed and entered into the next local show.

i finished quite a few - not sure what will become of them.

my depression has been dominating me for too long. i am trying to dig out of it. meredith did a lot of good, she doesn't know how much she helped me. its a hard thing to put into words.

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Joy Logan said...

Ack you too the depression? I am about to switch meds again,can't get out of it! It wears me down and ruins me for fun art days,all I want to do is sleep.zzzzzzzzzz

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