Monday, January 5, 2009

one more day

school starts tomorrow morning for the rose. it has been a long school break. i enjoy her company and we did a lot of things together, but it is time to think of working again.............

since i have been on a kick with the polaroid (commercial) jingles, i thought i would post a few artsy polaroid transfers. actually i think these might be from the throw away tear off sheets. these are not mine, i found them on the internet a while ago and have lost track of who they belong to - so i really apologise for not giving someone very worthy of their due credit.

anyway, enjoy these fascinations of mine. and meanwhile if you are still interested in polaroid transfers, just check out this site directs you to many wonderful polaroid sx-70 altered images as an art form. for some real eye-opening great polaroid art check out: her fashion work is breathtaking.

i saw the movie "yes man" today -it was a weak ok. i don't think anyone should rush to see jim carey in up close huge movie screen fashion. he is beginning to look very scary; i think he ha over stretched his facial muscles - just my opinion. but i do love zooey deschanel and rushed home and purchased the sound track just to get her weird ballads on my ipod. also her face, especially her eyes resemble my daughter rosie's (as brooke and others have recently pointed out) which make her easy for me to look at. see small pic on top. also, deschanel appeared blonde in Elf, as the singing elf, "jovie".
and BTW, proof that the readership of this blog is much different than that of my daughter brooke's livejournal, brooke stole the two photos of her sibs from the recent posts here and posted them on her own blog. guess what? she imediately got 50 comments about how hot rosie is and a few about how hot jamie is. what does that prove? well that she has a much bigger, and younger readership than me and she has some pervs following her too.
and it also proves that this blog is read by upstanding citizens - maybe mostly geriatrics.

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