Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a new day....

this painting is entitled, "dunce quartet". it's one of my favorites.
i don't know about you, but i am happy today to have a new president and mostly a new presidential family. what a great warm family.
of course we all have a lot of work ahead of us - obama is not doing everything himself. in fact, he urges us all to dig in.
i, for one, am trying to live within our means. not use credit cards. just stpp being so wasteful.
also i am going to work hard on getting healthy and fit, so that i won't burden my family with medical problems. i know this doesn't really affect the nation, but it starts with our family, one family, doesn't it?

another thing, i want to be as green as i can be. i already drive a prius (not a beauty of a car, but it is great on "feel good"). i will also recycle more - even in my art. OK, OK not much of a stretch for me. next, i ought to clear out my house of unnecessary stuff and give stuff to thrift stores. well, this is tough for me as i am a hoarder - especially of books. but i will force myself to let go of books and let them go free and naked into the universe for a happy full life outside my home.
and i will only allow myself to have one light on at a time in my house-- when i am the only one home.

i don't know if these efforts will help out our country much - but what if everyone tried a little harder not to be wasteful? that would work.

so, here's to a new day and a new life in USA. clink-clink

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Scarlet Fields said...

Just remember the more "stuff" you put back out there...the more you can take in!! Pleasant purging to you!

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