Friday, January 30, 2009

"headless walking"

i have many canvases, small ones, that i have painted (randomly) with the idea that they will be background for just the right piece, collaged painted paper piece.

this is one. when i placed the painted-on-paper woman on this canvas out of many canvases, she looked great, but better without her head - i personal can relate to this painting-- walk without a head.
i mean, as it is, my head is only a mere pin-size.
i ask you: are heads that important?

well, lord knows, i have taken many many snapshots like this. or i have plenty of snapshots were there are little tiny heads at the bottom of the photo and lots of wall and ceiling.
so now i have my first painting without a head. i might paint those large wall/ tiny heads types next.


sorry for the ow quality photo--- i have been using the camera (photobooth) feature in my mac. i can't find my camera.

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