Sunday, December 21, 2008

swimming list

(pictured here is a very clean pool - in Gubbio, Italy)

ten things i don't like to see or experience at the swimming pool (lap swimming):
top ten list, number 2 in a small series.

1. anything left behind from someone's body! (groooosss).
2. too many people in one lane. i hate to swim laps and to be touched on the feet or anywhere else by a stranger.
3. people floating in the water with obvious lesions/ infected spots.......
4. finding debris at the bottom of the pool (these are things i have actually seen, apart from the obvious stuff); rocks, dirt-clods, candy wrappers, grapes/fruit, feminine hygiene products, hair balls, apples, beer cans, marbles, paper towels/toilet paper, folding chairs, umbrellas, tables, sandwiches, cakes, rats (dead and alive).
5. i hate to have an unidentifiable taste in my mouth after swimming. sometimes lasts all day - usually a coppery taste. OK, i don't want to think about #3 or #1 on this list.......
6. men with too much body hair on their backs, etc. women with too much body hair on their backs, etc.
7. anyone is a chlorine-riddled swimsuit.
8. burnt eyes and brittle dry skin/hair
9. inhaling chorine. and
number 10. bombarding canon-balling kids (i think i have come full circle, see previous post).


Hilari said...

I was kinda thinkin of swimming in the summer at the community pool up the hill by my house, but now, after #4...euw! Especially since a dead body did turn up there once a few years ago. Rats?! Feminine hygiene products?! cakes?! So wrong.

Hope all is well and best wishes for the holidays!

lisa bebi said...

oh dead body, that beats my list!!! how did that happen?

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