Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LA MOCA trouble brews......

does that cake look like it is a Jasper John? yep it is. (jasper john, contemporary art legend known for many things, one is a huge-ass target painting in the permanent collection at MOCA). ditto with the Judy fishkin paintings on cakes!!!
i found it kind of amusing that while the LA MOCA (LA's museum of contemporary art) is facing serious financial trouble, having lost loads of endowment money through probable mismanagement plus the contribution of this neo- depression we all feel, decide on the night of a planned board of trustees meeting, to hold a cookie sale!!!! the sale took place on the street in front of the museum building. now that sounds like something my juvenile mind would dream up if i were in charge! but i'm not.
sadly this is a true story.
all i know is that when i was in charge of the local girl scouts, bake sales always brought in significant funds. at least they would help partly pay for a weekend camp out. (which i hated).
back to the MOCA meeting with baked goods......but hey, they also offered a simple almond cookie at $1 million each. thats a hellava cookie! they reckoned that if they sold 15 of said cookies, then philanthropist/financier Eli Broad would match it, thereby saving the day! HURRAY for COOKIES!!!!
i can't wait to hear whether not this cookie sale actually worked and saved the museum of solvency problems.

if this works, i'm going to put down my paintbrush and bake instead...... but not for camp outs. ugh!

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