Wednesday, November 12, 2008

waiting for attention.....

work, work work and wait wait wait for the seeds of fundraising to grow up and bloom. i never in my life envisioned that i would be in charge of sales or fund raising. but looks as though this is my role at least part time to get my baby some life - my baby being the idea to have the local art scene brought to TV. Im not alone on this project there are 4 others, but it is MY baby, my idea and my conception and I am very proud of that.

i have no PR firm working for me, all i have is a hope that someone will send me (via email, phone calls or other) some interesting stuff for me to create into content and editorial.
if you feel you can help, please do.
don't be shy.
we will be filming until nov. 19, then all goes to editing ad close captioning so that you can view it on sunday, nov. 30 channel 10 at 4 p.m.

still going through possible books to read at night. i have "the torilla curtain", by T.C. Boyle, "Bound Feet and Western Dress", by pang-mei natasha chang ( a book i picked up from the thrift store), "Darkmans", by Nicola Barker and "And the Word Was", by Bruce Bauman.
if you have read any of these books or have a comment to make, please let me know.
i have a feeling i will start with "Bound Feet and Western Dress" tonight.

actually, i will be asleep before i get too far in any one book, i have been swimming again.

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