Thursday, October 16, 2008


i have gone swimming that last couple of days at the pool where rosie is working out and all i can say is, the pool must be filled with "acquafina" it is so clean and pure.

i wish i could post my photos but i need my own computer that has photoshop so that i can get them downsized to fit here.

yesterday we visited Cassia, a small Umbrian town noted for the patron saint Rita - it is a mountain town that snows during colder months. the tiny winding road we took to get there, i found out was the "new" road. breath taking beauty, although i did worry at times we would fall down a cliff.
(i am able to post some photos on you are interested).


Joy Logan said...

Another wonderful article in Somerset mag this month Lisa!!!

lisa bebi said...

really? what did i write?

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