Sunday, October 5, 2008

greetings from Gubbio:

i am writing from my mother-in-laws computer as our trusted wireless service, namely expensive AT&T international, does not owrked as promised by the At&T salesgirl, who represented her entire company when she said she absolutely knew for a fact that it would work.
so, i don't have acces to my computer's images. until i can figure out my mother-in-laws computer (everything is in italian), i will postpone submitting images. which is too bad as it is so beautiful here.
i was able to post pictures on my other blog, N Art Magazine's blog, so you may see them there.
just google N Art Magazine. i'm not sure the exact URL.

we are still suffereing from jet-lag, sleeping during the day and wide awake at night - starin g up at the ceiling in our bedrooms, wondering why. why didn't we try harder to stay awake during the day. but after our humungous lunches of soup, meats, pasta, salad, cheese, fruit and then gelato, its hard to stay awake. did i mention the wine too.
just to let you know that we made it safe and sound, and are eating well....sleeping well albeit the wrong hours.
i will try harder tomorrow to post images. but meanwhile try N art magazine.

tomorrow rosie will start swimming with an italian swim team.


SOM said...

Contento per sentire che lei l'ha fatto sano e salvo. Sì, convengo: Il malessere da fuso orario Succhia! Ma grazie al cielo lei è in una bell'area col grande cibo ed il vino meraviglioso!! Soprattutto il vino! Sperare che tutto va bene da qui e che lei ritorna la casa ai suoi ventilatori Presto!!

freddyg said...

Dear Lisa, Sounds like all is well (except for the reversed hours). If you bump into Anita & Harold who are on a cruise (currently in Naples) say hi. Hopefully we'll have some kind of halfway viable economy left by the time you return. McCain is frightening most of the time but when he's desperate as he is now he's even more frightening and then to think he's got the the airhead as his VP pick (I'm trying hard to stay out of politics on your site). Continue to have a great visit.
lol, f

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